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Sensor MUT2200EL Sensors Euromag

MUT2200EL sensors represent the state of the art of Euromag International production for water cycle and process applications. The new structure for the generation of the magnetic field and the innovative route of the signal generated by the electrodes, provide a sensor with an extremely wide measurement range:

EL= Extended Linearity

This new sensors series follows the successful tradition of the MUT2200EL, introducing a measurement range of more than 1:1000 without linearization software. These kinds of performances allow very accurate measures on a wide flowrate range and to count lower flow rates that, before, would have been reset because of the effect of the converters cut off. This flanged sensors series bases its operation on the Faraday Principle, by which a conductor crossing a magnetic field generates a potential perpendicularly orientated to the same field. In this case the flow tube made in stainless steel AISI 304 is equipped with carbon steel or stainless steel flanges,two coils are installed on the top and inferior part; the magnetic field, generated by the electric current crossing the coil, induces in the electrodes a difference in the potential proportional to the flow rate. With the aim of measuring such potential of very low values, the interior of the flow tube is electrically insulated, thus the process liquid is no longer in contact neither with the material of the flow tube nor with that of the flange. The converter used generates the current supplying the coil, acquires the electrodes difference of potential, process the signal to calculate the flowrate and administers the communication with the exterior. The entire sensor, when installed in the separate version, has a degree of protection IP68 suitable for a permanent immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5m thanks to a welded plate structure containing the coil and the electrodes.

Body and Flanges

The flange and the sensor external surface are acrylic painted. This treatment gives the sensor an excellent resistance to water, even in permanent immersion. When special ambient conditions require it, the MUT2200EL may be supplied in stainless steel, flange included or special painting for C4 class environments.

Internal Lining

The standard internal insulating lining is in PTFE for diameters from DN15 to DN100, in hard rubber (Ebonite) for diameters equal or bigger than DN125. On request, sensors may be supplied coated with PTFE with diameters bigger than DN100. The suitable temperature is limited by the type of internal lining used.


Standard electrodes in Hastelloy C guarantee a wide compatibility with different kind of liquids; if required, they may be supplied in Hastelloy B, Titanium, Tantalum or Platinum.

Coupling and Sensor Connection

MUT2200EL sensors may be coupled with any Euromag converters. In the separate version the sensor is connected to the converter by means of cables whose length depends on the liquid conductivity; the maximum length shall not exceed 100 metres (30 meters in combination with battery operated electronics).

When installed in plastic or coated pipe lines, sensors may require the use of two grounding rings, which are inserted between the flange and the counter flange. On sensors greater or equal than DN50 an empty pipe electrode is supplied as a standard (empty pipe allarm).

Reference Standards

The Euromag magnetic meters are marked CE and are manufactured according to the following standards:
  • 2014/35/EU - EN 61010-1:2013 (LVD)
  • 2014/30/EU - EN 61326-1:2013 (EMC)
  • OIML R49-1:2013
  • European directive 2014/32/EU (MID)
  • 2014/34/UE - IEC 60079 - 0, IEC 60079 - 18 (ATEX - IECEx) Separate version
  • EN ISO 15609-1 and EN ISO 15614-1
  • UNI EN ISO 12944-2, painting for C4 class environments (on request)
  • PTFE conform to the norms WRAS, FDA, DPR 777/82
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