Modified PVC (PVC-M)

Modified PVC (PVC-M) Modified PVC (PVC-M) Penstock & eXL

Modified PVC is similar in composition to the traditional PVC pressure pipe. The difference is that an impact modifier has been added to alter the fracture mechanism, so the material behaves in a ductile manner.

This enhanced toughness enables PVC-M to be manufactured with a thinner wall with subsequent material savings and improved hydraulic properties. The important aspect of PVC-M is that the optimum combination of strength and ductility is produced by optimizing the formulation and processing conditions so that the full benefit of the modifier is achieved.

eXL Multi-Layer Modified PVC pipe are high performance thermoplastic pipes, incorporating the advancements of modified PVC pipe technology.

eXL Multi-Layer Modified PVC pipe provide superior characteristic over conventional UPVC & VCP pipes, including higher impact resistance and ductility, reduced weight and greater hydraulic capacity within the same diameter.

Features Benefits
Toughness and ductility Resistance to poor handling and installation damage
Excellent corrosion resistance both internally and externally Long service life, in excess of 100 years PVC not affected by H2S gas
High quality push-on joint with a factory fitted rubber ring Provides with a secure joint, which is easy to assemble and join
Light weight Approximately 90% lighter than VCP improving on site handling and laying efficiencies
Resistant to root attack With superior properties material of eXL (PVC-M) pipe, it prevent and resist the root attack to avoid damage of pipe compare to VCP pipe
Chemical resistance Exceptional resistance to attack from high concentrations of alkalis and acids
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